PHP/CURL Examples Book with Tutorial Help and online Forum
PHP/CURL Examples Book with Tutorial Help is a powerful Book that allows PHP Programmers, Web Development companies to achieve better Grip on PHP CURL Functions Library usage in Professional field to write your own Web boots, Spiders, Search Engines, Compare prices tools, Get online products prices from sites, Download images, copy latest news from news sites. Automatically Place banners on sites, download hotmail, Yahoo mails and EBay products, Calculate online Shipping charges, Process Credit cards and much more.

Book Examples solution designed to fit PHP Web Developer, Programmers, Web Development companies in their daily operation. Our Book solutions allow you to write Web boots spiders and big Applications for B2B companies like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, EBay sites. You can generate different types of Web Applications by using this book without hassle.

  1. Examples with live Demo.
  2. Step by Step guide to each code.
  3. Real life PHP CURL Open Source codes.
  4. Header Tracking Solutions.
  5. Credit Card Processing Solutions.
  6. XML Processing Solutions.
  7. Write online web Price Compare sites.
  8. Calculate realtime FedEx/UPS Shipping Charges.
  9. Yahoo Email login and download Address Book.
  10. Hotmail Email login and download Contacts List.
  11. Gmail Email login and download Contacts List.
  12. PayPal Login and download Transaction History.
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