About Imran Khalid (PHP Web Developer):

Muhammad Imran Khalid Internet development experience started in 2000. He is working as Senior PHP Web Developer/ Team Leader/ Internet Programmer from the Last Five Years. Today, Imran serves businesses around the country with custom state-of-the-art webbot, spider and web agent technologies--as well as dynamic data-driven web applications and XML based web services. About half of Imran clients are in USA.

It was here that Imran lead and developed Internet projects for clients including: Ebay, IMail, Hotmail and Techdata. After successfully reorganizing the web development department for its offshore parent company, Websites Production, (TX, USA) where Imran is the Project Manager of Internet Development.

Imran is also PHP team Organizer of PHP meetings in Lahore Pakistan and his writing credits include: PHP GPL Scripts and Web Techniques Articles. In recent years, he also teach Web Usability and Internet Crawlers/ Web Spiders to beginner students and Developers. Most recently, Imran has teamed with his Company to create a auto add. lister project in LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) & CURL. This tool list your add. Automatically to other sites with no human typing.

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